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Glenn Hubbard is half right

Writing in today’s Financial Times, Glenn Hubbard argues–correctly–that the debate over the debt ceiling in Washington is misplaced. Rather than focus on the debt ceiling, he suggests that Congress and the Administration ought to consider the deficit. Or, as he … Continue reading

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John Taylor’s disingenuous op-ed

John Taylor’s op-ed in today’s Wall Street Journal bashes the White House budget proposals of February 14 and April 13 and lauds the House Republican budget proposal of April 5. I understand–or am coming to understand–that when writing for a … Continue reading

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An economist at the movies

Although movies dealing with themes of economics and high finance are common, it is rare to see films with economists cast in starring roles.  This past week I managed to see two. In Freakonomics: The Movie, the economist is portrayed … Continue reading

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