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Interview with Ed Mitchell on Share Radio

Listen to my interview with Ed Mitchell on quantitative easing on London’s Share Radio.

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Monetary cosmopolitans

Should you hire a foreigner to run your central bank?  Read my op-ed on the Monetary Cosmopolitans at Project Syndicate.

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All hail Ronald Reagan

Apparently, the editors of the Wall Street Journal have a rule about the number of op-eds each week that praise Ronald Reagan.  I haven’t figured out the exact count yet, but Robert Barro’s piece in Monday’s Journal gets the paper … Continue reading

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Interesting reading

The 600-plus page report of the US Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission should make for interesting reading for those with the patience to read it.  It would be useful to wade into the argument between the Commission, which argues that the … Continue reading

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Don’t change the Fed’s mandate

Writing in the Financial Times, Stephen Roach concludes that it is “[t]ime to revamp the Fed’s flawed mandate.” Roach argues that maintaining financial stability should be added to the Fed’s current dual mandate of maximum employment and price stability.  Such … Continue reading

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Sailing to a stronger economy on the QE2

One of the nice things I have discovered about doing jury duty is that when it is all over, the judge usually comes in to thank the jurors for their service (or for coming down to the courthouse, if they … Continue reading

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