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Clean air….hot air

Read my latest Oxford University Press blog post on the GOP presidential candidates and environmental regulation.

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Alan Meltzer’s straw “Keynesian”

Remember when “liberal” became the insult of choice among Republicans? Apparently, “Keynesian” has now taken on that status for Republican economists.  Never mind that Keynesian is ill-defined (old Keynesian?  new Keynesian?  the Keynesian part of the neoclassical synthesis?)–making Keynesian a … Continue reading

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Don’t tread on me…tread on them!

Goldman Sachs second-in-command Gary Cohn warned those assembled at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland that the drive to impose more regulation on banks could cause the next crisis by pushing risky activities towards hedge funds and other lightly … Continue reading

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Don’t change the Fed’s mandate

Writing in the Financial Times, Stephen Roach concludes that it is “[t]ime to revamp the Fed’s flawed mandate.” Roach argues that maintaining financial stability should be added to the Fed’s current dual mandate of maximum employment and price stability.  Such … Continue reading

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Glad I don’t work for a ratings agency…..

The Financial Times reports today that Portuguese banks have lashed out at Fitch Ratings after the rating agency repeatedly downgraded the banks over their funding and liquidity risks. According to the report: Banco Espírito Santo said it was terminating its … Continue reading

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